Math in Action:

Math Challenge

Wish your kids were more interested in math?

Try out Math Challenge,

a biweekly problem-solving activity for ALL Azevada students

WHO: ALL Azevada Students who love math challenges!

WHEN: Starting Sept 25, 2020 - May 7, 2021

WHAT: Problem sets available ONLINE every 2 weeks for students to work on at home with their families.

How it works:

Problem sets are downloaded on a bi-weekly basis. Children complete a target number of problems that is dependent on their grade level. (They can always do more!) Answers are submitted via a google form and participation recorded.

How to Participate:

No registration is necessry! Just go to and download the challenges every two weeks. When complete, go back to the Azevada Page and submit your answers via the google form.

Help Wanted!

If you would like to help with any of the logistics of this activity (reminder e-mails, helping me set up an excel spreadsheet that can automatically grade submissions, etc.) please e-mail

Or, if you are interested in working out an incentive/reward system for this activity please contact me.

Want Reminders?

We'll email reminders when new problem sets are available. Even if you signed up last year, please sign up again. I will not be using last year's list. Please provide your email below for reminders: