Math in Action Math Challenge

Wish your kids were more interested in math?

Then try out Math in Action's Math Challenge, a biweekly problem-solving activity for ALL Azevada students

WHO: ALL Azevada Students who love math challenges!

When: Starting Sept 27 - May

What: Problem sets available ONLINE every 2 weeks for students to work on at home. Great for parents who don't want to drive their students to school for a night time session.

How it works:

Every two weeks, a problem set will be posted online. After downloading the problems, the student solve a target number of them dependent on his or her grade level. Family help is fine! This program is designed to encourage math talk at home. Solutions are turned in at the front office. Participation will be recorded and well-written, exemplary solutions will be acknowledged each week, and students who participate in 10 of the 15 challenges will be recognized at the end of the year with a small prize.

How to Participate:

No registration is necessry! Just go to and download the challenges every two weeks. When it's complete, turn it into the front office.

Want Reminders?

We'll email reminders when new problem sets are available. Provide your eamil below for reminders: