Azevada PTA


PTA Meeting & Middle School Panel

We'd like to invite you to our first Azevada PTA Zoom Meeting on Thursday, April 2 @ 6:30pm. You can join our Zoom meeting with this link:

Meeting ID: 618 570 164

PTA Meeting

We'll be discussing PTA Elections and our next steps if no candidates step forward to run for President, Secretary, or Treasurer positions. Unfortunately, Azevada PTA may need to dissolve if no new officers are found. Please email immediately if you are interested in running for President, Secretary, or Treasurer.

Middle School Panel (7pm)

After PTA business concludes (at approximately 7pm) will be a panel discussion about middle school. This portion of the meeting is open to the public so feel free to invite friends from other schools to attend at 7pm.

Middle Schools

Panelists are parents and students from the following schools:

  • Walters Middle School
  • Hopkins Jr High School
  • Centerville Jr High School
  • Alsion Montessori Middle School (Private School)


Topics discussed will include...

  • Are there drugs on campus? Have you seen it?
  • How big the classrooms actually are? i.e. teacher to student ratio.
  • Is there a bathroom shortage?
  • How long did it take to get used to the schedule, find your classes, etc.
  • Do you feel pressure at school? Are you stressed?